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Four reasons you should schedule an appointment with a rheumatologist

August 23, 2019


Doctor showing patient test resultsAre you wondering if it’s time to see a rheumatologist? Here are four reasons you should make the appointment today.

1. You’ve received a diagnosis for a rheumatoid disorder

Rheumatoid disorders, such as multiple sclerosis, arthritis and lupus, are chronic autoimmune diseases causing inflammation of some kind. They are difficult to treat and nearly impossible to cure. Once you receive this diagnosis from your general physician, it’s time to see a specialist to explore treatment options.

2. You suffer from intense joint pain and swelling

Maybe you haven’t received a specific diagnosis from your doctor, but you have a sneaking suspicion that something is wrong. The intense swelling and pain you feel in your joints is sending you a message: see a rheumatologist, stat! We can help find the underlying cause to your inflammation and figure out the best path for treatment for you.

3. You’re interested in holistic treatment

Many patients are not expanding their horizons and looking beyond conventional medicine to treat their rheumatoid disorders. Much of conventional medical practices involving prescribing medications to treat symptoms. While this method can help with pain management, it doesn’t get to the underlying causes of the issue. With functional medicine, you and your doctor look at methods for optimizing health for all systems of the body. This could include botanical therapies, nutrition and diet, lifestyle approaches and stress reduction programs. In short, functional medicine is personalized care.

4. You want to see a specialist you can trust

Treating rheumatoid disorders requires a specialized set of skills. You want someone you can trust completely as you navigate life with your chronic disease. Fortunately, here at Living Well Dallas, we have the valuable expertise of Dr. Nancy Scheinost. Dr. Scheinost has been practicing medicine for more than 25 years, with a special focus on autoimmune disorders. She is one of the few doctors in the country to have a certification in using functional medicine to treat rheumatoid disorders. She has helped many patients regain function and lessen pain, and she would be happy to help you too.

Now that you know the details, you can reach out to us here at Living Well Dallas to schedule an appointment. Our rheumatology services offer you a personalized, focused experience including functional medicine and mind-body-services. Whether you choose to visit us seeking help in obtaining a diagnosis or in finding treatment solutions, we are here to help you find the healing you need.


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