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The Veterans Administration believes in alternative medicine

82385155_MFrom PTSD to chronic pain, veterans deal with some of the most intractable medical issues of our day. Perhaps that’s why the Veterans Affairs administration is putting a renewed focus on functional and alternative methods to treating chronic pain.

Did you know that the VA system mandates at least two alternative treatments for chronic pain at all of its facilities? This has been the focus for so long, that in total, the VA system offers 23 different complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) treatment options to veterans suffering from chronic pain.

So, what did the VA see in alternative treatments for chronic pain? Specifically, VA researchers believe that chronic diseases are not only preventable, but can be reversed if a specific approach to nutrition, genetics, stress, physical activity, and sleep is taken.

Is it possible that simple wellness behaviors and alternative treatments could provide effective relief for chronic conditions? The government seems to think so.

VA researchers found that those who participated in their CAM wellness program reported decreased levels of pain, depression, and even weight issues. It appears that when veterans are empowered to utilize whatever treatment works for them, the results are largely positive.

As mainstream private and governmental organizations come to see the benefits that alternative treatments provide, expect to see a lot more research investigating their efficacy. It’s a development we welcome wholeheartedly.

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