Is Your Depression and Anxiety Because of Menopause?

Hormone Harmony-Unlocking Longevity and Health Span in Menopause

Delve into the revolutionary world of women’s health with an exploration of Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) in this episode of Menopause Mastery. Unraveling the complexities, I break down the science, dispel common myths, and shed light on how HRT emerges as a pivotal factor in enhancing women’s longevity and health span. Discover the transformative potential of this often-misunderstood therapy that holds the key to becoming a genuine game-changer for women navigating the intricate challenges of menopause.

In this enlightening episode, I delve into the profound impact that Hormone Replacement Therapy has on women’s health during the challenging phase of menopause. Beyond the surface, I unravel the scientific intricacies, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of HRT’s mechanisms. As you navigate through the episode, I dispel common misconceptions surrounding HRT, offering practical insights that can empower your personal journey. Tune in to learn how embracing the possibilities of HRT can revolutionize your approach to menopause and set you on a path to optimal well-being


Key Takeaways:

[00:02:24] Health span vs. lifespan. 

[00:04:10] Debunking the Women’s Health Initiative Study.

[00:09:22] Breast cancer risk and HRT.

[00:13:12] Observational studies and breast cancer.

[00:17:18] Estrogen and cardiovascular protection.

[00:21:28] Estrogen and cardiovascular health.

[00:23:13] Cognitive decline and estrogen.

[00:27:31] Estrogen’s role in brain health.

[00:30:00] Personalization and precision in hormone therapy.

[00:32:51] Bioidentical hormones and synthetic alternatives.

[00:36:10] Hormone replacement for health.


Memorable Quotes:

“Women on hormone replacement lived to an average of three to four years longer than women. And the reality is, if we’re looking at just longevity as a whole, the reason why is hormone replacement therapy increases the longevity by reducing cardiovascular risk, osteoporosis risk, and cancer risk. And if we look at the lifespan studies, another study, another meta-analysis also demonstrated a reduction in all-cause mortality.” – Betty Murray

“If you started hormone replacement, especially the earlier that you started it in the process, you had a 34% decreased risk of cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s. That is a game changer. What if somebody told you that you had a 34% increase in potential upside on an investment? Every one of us would invest. right? Those are great stats. So why wouldn’t we invest a 34% increased likelihood to protect ourselves from something, right?” – Betty Murray


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