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Is Menopause a Right of Passage or a Side Effect of Aging

Menopause isn’t just a phase; it’s a journey that reshapes women’s lives. Dive into articles from the Lancet with me that discuss empowering women through this transition. Discover how it impacts women’s health, including its early stages, mental well-being, and navigating this after cancer.

In today’s episode, I discuss the crucial need for self-advocacy in healthcare. Learn about comprehensive care strategies for cancer survivors entering this phase and the empowering model for managing this transformative phase. Gain insights, personal stories, and practical tips to navigate menopause with confidence and grace.

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Key Takeaways:

[00:01:29] Menopausal statistics.

[00:02:22] The Lancet articles and personal story.

[00:05:31] Menopause medication challenges.

[00:10:19] Impact of menopause in workspace.

[00:11:13] Menopause and Hormone Replacement Therapy.

[00:17:16] Ovarian health and infertility issues.

[00:20:47] Menopause and mental health.

[00:22:25] Menopause after cancer treatment.

[00:28:14] The impact of estrogen loss.

[00:31:45] Empowering women.

[00:35:36] Women’s empowerment in healthcare.

[00:36:41] Empowerment through health management.


Memorable Quotes:

“We should always have a shared decision-making. Medicine is not a totalitarian experience. It is not a dictatorship. The person with the most decision-making is the person’s body, the person who’s living in it. And so, the simple fact is if you’re in an environment where your doctor is acting as a dictator, they should be fired because it is a shared decision-making, you working as a partner with your physician.” – Betty Murray

“We outnumber men in this age space. We also have more disposable income, and we have more capacity to make change. We make 87% of buying decisions in the home. So, the reality is, ladies, you are powerful. And you can demand what you expect.” – Betty Murray


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