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Reframing Menopause: From Crisis to Opportunity

As we wrap up Menopause Awareness Month, it’s important to reflect on the challenges and opportunities that it presents for women. It is not just a natural process; it is a medical health crisis that affects every aspect of a woman’s life. From physical health to mental well-being, menopause has a profound impact on women’s overall quality of life. 

Join me in this week’s episode as I discuss the need to address menopause as a medical health crisis. I criticize the current approach of medicalizing it as a cognitive behavior therapy problem and emphasize the importance of understanding this as a physiological change and a sign of accelerated aging. 

I also argue that menopause is a public health crisis that requires attention from both the medical community and businesses, and highlights the role of the ovaries in influencing various body systems and emphasizes the need for interventions that go beyond symptom management. 

Let’s break the silence around menopause and demand better solutions for women’s health. It’s time to invest in research and interventions that address the underlying hormone imbalances and improve our quality of life!


Key Takeaways:

[0:02:10] Frustration with the lack of comprehensive menopause apps.

[0:03:28] Critique of the cognitive behavioral therapy approach to menopause.

[0:05:01] Menopause as a medical health crisis.

[0:05:40] Aging as a medicalized process and the need for research.

[0:07:35] The economic impact of menopause on businesses and the workplace.

[0:08:30] The impact of menopause on heart health, brain function, and metabolism.

[0:12:18] Living past reproductive age is not natural.

[0:12:47] Medicalizing menopause with band-aid drugs is not the solution.

[0:13:49] The healthcare system needs to address the underlying problem.

[0:14:30] The US has the worst healthcare outcomes and needs change.

[0:15:02] Hormones affect personal and financial prosperity.

[0:16:00] Menopause needs to be medicalized for research funding.

[0:17:35] Businesses need to support women in menopause transition.

[0:18:55] Menopause is a public health crisis, time for change.

[0:20:23] Now is the time to step up and make a difference.


Memorable Quotes

“The truth is we suffer, and women suffer every day, and we suffer at work, we suffer at home, we suffer everywhere because it affects everything from productivity to well-being. And the truth is, what I was writing about in the Brains magazine is this is costing billions of dollars to businesses by ignoring it and by the medical system basically considering it a headspace problem for women and that you just need to learn how to think about it differently. ” – Betty Murray

“We have the ability to step in and change these things for women and make by 2030 women in this age group a real force to be reckoned with. And so, if you also are really frustrated by what you see in the world, now’s the time to step up.” – Betty Murray


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