Neuropathy Class January 24th, 630-8pm With Brenda Briscoe

Do you continue to suffer from these neuropathy symptoms?
 Burning in your hands and/or feet
● Pins and needles or prickling pain
● Pain in your hands and/or feet
● Constantly dropping things
● Inability to do things with your hands that was once easy
● Inability to walk long distances without extreme pain
● Problems with balance and coordination
Are you tired of being told that nothing can be done or that you will just have to live with it?  You are likely angry and frustrated.  Would you be glad to know that there is a better way and something that you can start doing TODAY to begin defeating neuropathy?
We have good news for you.  In Brenda’s upcoming class, she will share information with you that you’ve likely never heard that can help you take control of your neuropathy. After listening, you will be armed with the information, knowledge, and education you need to make the best choices to manage your neuropathy.  You can move forward armed with the knowledge to free yourself from neuropathy.