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Let Us Hear You Out

December 13, 2019


52256799_MYou know that you’re getting older and the carefree days of your 20s and 30s are over. That’s when it starts to begin.

You wake up needing to shake the covers off you at night because you feel too warm, even though it’s in the middle of winter and temperatures are the opposite of hot. You feel hot flashes during the day and constantly need to drink water to cool down, or the desire to have a small fan at your desk to chill out. Not only do you wake up at night to take the covers off, but you’re having problems falling asleep and that is causing you to feel irritable throughout the day. You’re also becoming more forgetful and feel foggy-headed at times, even when you’ve had plenty of rest. What’s going on?!

Simply stated: estrogen deficiency. In addition to affecting your mood and causing uncomfortable side effects, estrogen deficiency may also cause changes to your breasts, genitals and skin. It is most commonly associated with menopause and post-menopause, but it can happen to young women who have Type 1 diabetes as well. Estrogen deficiency is also a major risk factor for urinary tract infections in women who are postmenopausal, as well as women who have never had hormone replacement therapy.

Estrogen deficiency is something to take seriously and take action on. Thankfully for you, we have Amanda Carlile, FNP, offering free phone consultations. If you feel you are suffering from an estrogen deficiency and need more information, we encourage you to schedule a consultation. One 20-minute phone consult with Amanda can set you on a different, better course in life. Call 972-930-0260 to get started.

You can also visit livingwelldallas.com to learn more about how to combat estrogen deficiency or any of our other services. Whether we set you on the road to greater health and nutrition, or we help promote your emotional and mental well-being, we can help you figure out how to get started Living Well again.

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