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A Look into Transformations 360 at Living Well

Living Well Dallas has now paired with the Diabetes Prevention Institute launching the Transformations 360 Program to our clients.  TRANSFORMATIONS360 logo

The Transformations 360 Program begins with completing a 296 wellness evaluation questionnaire based on an individual’s 15 key health markers, creating your WICO score. WICO™ Score was developed to aid in the identification of your wellness index and provide prevention and wellness methods for the assistance of reversing pre-diabetes & weight management, getting patients off lifestyle induced medications and more.

You then go onto a dietary program that bio-chemically sets your body to use your excess abdominal fat for fuel. You will typically feel better than normal, while on the program, with heightened energy and mental state, while having NO hunger or cravings.  After completing the 5 week program or within 5 pounds of your goal, you will retake the questionnaire, recalculating your WICO score.  This will allow healthcare professionals to pinpoint root causes to your symptoms while determining what chronic conditions need more than just lifestyle adjustments.

How Transformations360 Works:

Three meals are taken every day where whole foods (no process, packaged, frozen or canned foods) are eaten with a protein and good carbohydrate at each meal. The food list includes all proteins including eggs, cheese and tofu, and vegetables except for starchy ones like corn and potato. A choice of lower glycemic fruits can be consumed for dessert.

In between meals, a beverage drink is consumed to replace any cravings and ensure balanced blood sugar, while providing the body with all the key nutrients (amino acids, minerals and vitamins), that are needed in a very bio-available manner. This is not a meal replacement or a shake, but just 2-3 ounces of water, mixed with 10 grams of a protein powder that is delicious that comes in different flavors.  Both dairy and non dairy options are available.   This is consumed twice in the morning and twice in the afternoon.

Why we like Transformations360: 

This program allows you to correct unhealthy wellness markers by making simple lifestyle changes.  The program uses REAL FOOD and not shakes or meal replacement bars.  At Living Well we believe Food is Medicine and learning how to eat well will in turn allow you to LIVE WELL. Transformations360 allows you to take control of your health, see results and move forward maintaining a healthier stance on life.

How much is the Transformations360 Program?

Two Options:
Option 1 – You can order a Transformations360 kit from Living Well for a special price $425 with no coaching visits.  Free pickup at our office. Everything you will need is in the kit including the program guide showing you step by step how to move forward. You will received a Free coupon code, valued at $75, to complete your WICO wellness score at the beginning and end of the program.
Option 2 – Purchase the Transformations360 kit plus 3 30 minute coaching visits – one initial visit at the start of the program, one on week 3 and one at the beginning of week 6.  Living Well is extending a special price to our clients who purchase this option of $475 (a savings of $375 based on retail value).

At Living Well we are equipped with Coaches who specialize is helping people reach goals.  We also understand some people already live a healthy lifestyle and can work this program independently.  Either way, let us know how we can help!

Purchase your kit from the Living Well Dallas office today and learn more about the program HERE.

Learn more about our upcoming Free Transformations 360 Weight Loss Program Event

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