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Living Well’s Corporate Wellness Division

We believe what people need is a comprehensive team

to help them “do Life” with more grace, ease, tools and techniques.

At Living Well Health & Wellness Center, we are experts in Lifestyle Medicine, Prevention and Education. We love helping our clients navigate the day to day logistics of change, staying well, changing their lab numbers, reaching their medical and wellness goals, reducing and dealing with stress in new ways, changing negative thinking, moving their bodies in ways that feel good, helping them find meaning, really changing their state of body, mind, relationships and spirit.

These areas are our specialty.

Your organization can reap these benefits by engaging in customized solutions designed by your company and our Corporate Wellness Director and Consultant, Ms. Jenny Bair, MHE, COO. So, no matter whether the need is small, medium or very comprehensive; she can work with you to assess your needs, streamline activities to leverage your budget, evaluate the success, and/or design a specific membership program that your employees or members can utilize for about the price of

 a medical co-pay.

To change the health status at one company it takes multiple levels of intervention: cultural & policy changes, creation of a Wellness Employee Advisory Board, transperancy, individual changes, and familial changes, incentives & rewards for all not just the uber motivated, mental health time, with of course leadership buy-in and support at all the stages of the process.  It takes a multifaceted approach within the culture itself to impact from what’s inside the vending machines, what food is served in the cafeteria, what types of snacks allowed in the break rooms, bathroom stall education, education on self-care, when to see a doctor/use emergency care and everything in between.

It’s in the company’s best interest if the employee is truly present in all ways not just in their bodies and absentee at the work environment called “presentee-ism.”  This is a huge loss to a company’s efficiency and productivity which equates to the bottom line.  People naturally bring their lives with them to work between their ears and with them everywhere they go. So, there really is power in teaching people how to handle relationships (i.e. communication styles, learning styles, attachment styles, conflict resolution, and crucial conversations) at home and at work as this is where much of their mental energy flows between these two realms for an employee.

Also, through research we know the power of getting the spouse/loved ones and the other family members on board and making the healthy lifestyle changes stick for short and long term. This is why we have created special pricing for adding spouses into the corporate wellness membership plans and educational events that we customize for you.

We are offering our lifestyle medicine, education, and membership packages at a rate we feel confident can’t be beat anywhere in the marketplace with our level of expertise.  We’ve designed a membership program that could fit the needs of the very health conscience, the newbies to wellness, those struggling to keep up with their routines, and those dealing with chronic conditions.

If your company or organization, wants to become healthier from the inside-out then call to set up your 20 minute phone consultation

with Ms. Jenny Bair, to see how the Living Well Corporate Wellness Division can fit your needs, budget and readiness. We can always start with a class and move into larger projects after connection and relationships are built.  Let’s get your organization on its way to optimum well-being!!!

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