The Truth About White Vegetables

By Betty Murray

When you think about eating foods of a rainbow of colors, there’s one important color (or non-color) you can’t forget — white.

White vegetables aren’t lacking in nutrients simply because they aren’t as colorful as an array of peppers and other rich, colorful veggies. In fact, some white vegetables can help you get essential nutrients that we commonly lack, such as potassium, magnesium and fiber.

Wondering what’s in a white vegetable?

Cauliflower — Cauliflower is a member of the cruciferous family, and like other cruciferous veggies (broccoli and Brussels sprouts, for example), cauliflower contains sulforaphane, a sulfur compound known to help fight cancer, boost heart health, strengthen bone tissue and keep blood vessels healthy. Cauliflower also contains anti-inflammatory nutrients and is a good source of vitamins C, K, and B6 as well as protein, magnesium, fiber, potassium, and several other nutrients.

Mushrooms — Rich in selenium, potassium, riboflavin, niacin and vitamin D. Mushrooms are a natural low-calorie, low-sodium, fat-free, cholesterol-free, and gluten-free food and they are filling, too!

Garlic — Contains powerful antioxidants to boost the immune system. Sulfer compounds in garlic have been linked to fighting cancer cells and diallyl trisulfide, also found in garlic can help protect the heart during cardiac surgery and after a heart attack. Garlic has also been linked to the reduction of high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

White onions — Contains quercetin, an anti-inflammatory chemical that has been associated with a stronger immune system and a lower risk of cancer, heart disease, and diabetes.

White potatoes — Don’t ignore potatoes simply because they contain high carbohydrate content. White potatoes contain vitamins C and B6, magnesium and a small amount of protein. They are richest in fiber and potassium content. One medium white potato contains less than 200 calories and more potassium and fiber than a banana.

By eating a well-balanced diet consisting of a variety of vegetables and fruits in all colors, you’ll be sure to boost your health and help protect against a number of harmful diseases and illnesses.

Betty Murray, CN, HHC, RYT is a Certified Nutritionist & Holistic Health Counselor, founder of the Dallas-based integrative medical center, Wellness and founder of the Metabolic Blueprint wellness program. Betty’s nutrition counseling practice specializes in metabolic and digestive disorders and weight loss resistance. A master of the biochemistry of the body, Betty teaches her clients how to utilize nutritional interventions to improve their health. Betty is a member of the Institute of Functional Medicine and the National Association of Nutrition Professionals.


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